Hampton Forge Tomodachi Chef Knife, 8-Inch, Blue, HMC01A596A

Product Features

  • Ergonomic contoured handle
  • Non stick coated stainless steel blade
  • Includes sheaths for each blade
  • Dishwasher safe
(as of 07/25/2024 01:51 UTC - Details)

Product Description


I purchased this knife some time ago to replace one that was old and failing. I have been very pleased with the Hampton Forge Chef Knife for the most part. It sits on my magnetic strip over my stove and I tend to use it nearly every day.

My only reason for rating it with only 4 stars is because it tends to not sharpen well.

Overall rating: 4 Stars

The 8-inch Chef Knife is used for everything from prepping steaks for the grill to finely mincing onions, and chances are you’ll reach for it every time you cook-so it better be good. Matching sheath helps keep blade sharp and protects fingers while in storage. The handle is lightweight and ergonomically contoured for a comfortable, fatigue-reducing grip. Non-stick resin coating on the blade is made by bonding a food-safe FDA approved resin to stainless steel blade. It resists corrosion, makes cleaning simple, and helps blade glide through food with ease. 30-Year warranty.

Customer Reviews

2 Replies to “Hampton Forge Tomodachi Chef Knife, 8-Inch, Blue, HMC01A596A”

  1. Great review!

    My girlfriend keeps telling me she wants to get one of these and now that I have read your review maybe we will lol. Thanks for all the great info as well!

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