New: Anova Precision Cooker – WIFI 2nd Gen (900 Watts)

Product Features

  • Cook no matter where you are. Schedule a cook, let US do the rest, and come home to the best meal ever.
  • Come home to the best meal ever - set your meal up in the morning and tell your app what you're cooking your food will be ready when you get home.
  • Get alerts on your phone - keep an eye on the status of your food from start to finish.
  • Relax, your food's safe with Anova - if water temperature rises above 40 before your scheduled cook time, Auto-Cook will trigger your cook to keep it safe.
  • No additional equipment - adjust precision cooker WI-FI to fit any pot or tank you have.
New Price: $153.99
Old Price: $199.00
You Save: $45.01
(as of 05/26/2024 06:17 UTC - Details)

Product Description


The New: Anova Precision Cooker – WIFI 2nd Gen (900 Watts) is a great product to have in the kitchen. Based on customers reviews this cooker is highly recommended for everyone, especially for beginners. Since this is a really nice learning tool for cooking you don’t really have to worry about overcooking. I’m a chef I know my certain cooking method, but for those who really want to please your family on making great dishes, this product is perfect for you. So I suggest you to check some other customers reviews about this product. Most of customers rated this product 5 stars.


Customer Reviews

8 Replies to “New: Anova Precision Cooker – WIFI 2nd Gen (900 Watts)”

  1. This is the first time I have heard about the Anova Precision Cooker. I agree it would be useful for beginner cooks. It would make a really good Christmas gift for someone. I might even try one myself. Have you used it?

  2. Hi Sophie

    A very interesting device! I hope you get a lot of traction. You should make the image much smaller (perhaps the height of your text would be good). Your website is nicely laid out and interesting.

  3. Wow, this is another cooking robot in the making? Seriously? You mean you can cook anything while you are away and still able to monitor and know when it is done? I think this can only cook things that are not complicated, but however, it is a great innovation and worth adding to the kitchen.

    Thanks for this.

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