Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe

Product Features

  • Makes hot or cold milk froth for cappuccino or iced drinks, heats milk for latte and other hot drinks
  • Stainless steel with vacuum insulation helps contents maintain temperature
  • Carafe detaches from base for easy pouring
  • Capacity: frothing 4.25 oz./125 ml., heating 8.5 oz./250 ml.
  • 2-year warranty NOTE: If the product is not heating properly, make sure you are pressing hot frothing button (number 4 in the user manual ) If you press number 5 it will only froth without heating . Make sure to only fill until the lower max line (there are 2 max lines ). The higher max line is only for heating without frothing . If you use the higher max line and froth it may overflow . Please do not submerge the frother in liquid.
New Price: $114.84
Old Price: $25.00
(as of 02/24/2024 05:49 UTC - Details)

Product Description


I bought the Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe, and this is a really great product. It works perfectly, is really quiet, very easy to clean, and I enjoy it a lot with my family. It makes great foam for lattes and it works good for frosting too. I highly recommend this product for everyone, and you will enjoy it.




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  4. Hello Sophie,

    Very nice website! I love the layout of this page – it’s simple, balanced and informative. I don’t have much experience with electric milk frothers, but this one looks like a really good one from the reviews and the description of it. The background image of the site does really give you a nice and welcoming sense of a stylish kitchen where you can prepare yourself a nice Cappuccino and go out to a patio. It’s really nice to be able to check out reviews like these for kitchen appliances so all kinds of interested women can get some perspective on the appliances.

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  5. Hi Sophie, I am not a big fan of coffee but my wife is and she would love this wonderful product. I can probably get it as her new years gift. Thank you for sharing this information.

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